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*To prepare our students for academic, intellectual, and theological competence in his or her chosen field of study

*To provide each student with the skills of exegesis, i.e. accurately interpreting the Word of God.

*To provide each student with the skills of exposition, i.e. clearly explaining the Scriptures to others

*To provide students with a rigorous background in biblical, historical, and systematic theology. 

*To empower students, in every conceivable setting, to be bold and articulate testimonies of their faith in Christ. 


Providence Bible College and Theological Seminary is a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia. PBCTS is accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission, an international accrediting agency overseeing the quality of education provided by smaller Christian colleges and seminaries. They may be contacted at 2310 E. Alessandro Blvd., Suite A-210, Riverside, CA 92508 or by phone at (951) 656-3590.

Dr. Reginald Woodhouse

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Providence Bible College and Theological Seminary


Providence Bible College & Theological Seminary draws from a rich spiritual heritage. First founded as Whitefield Institute of Tidewater in 1952, the history of PBCTS has been one of progressive development. In the desire to model itself after the ministry of George Whitefield, “. . . that wherever a group of disciples will gather, leadership training is provided to build up God’s people,” the Institute emerged with a small group of students and mostly volunteer staff, bringing an innovated approach to providing local church members with excellent training.

Eventually, PBCTS was incorporated in 1987 as a Religious Institution with the Virginia Council of Higher Education, authorized to grant degrees in Religion. In 1995, Dr. Raymond W. Stiles, a local businessman
in the Hampton Roads area with a background in education and law, took over as President of Providence
Bible College. After a lengthy time of service at PBCTS, he retired in 2012. During his tenure, he oversaw the growth of all student programs, the formation of the Distance Education program,  the creation of the Graduate School, and the approval of Veteran’s Tuition benefits.

The Rev. Dr. Reginald Woodhouse faithfully served as the President of PBCTS from 2012-2023, providing strong visionary leadership while bringing together a team of stellar faculty and leaders. With strong faith in God and using his professional background as a Pastor to Pastors, administrator, and public official, he led PBCTS and area churches in facing the new challenges in our society, mentoring leaders to rise and follow his example of sacrificial leadership and devotion to biblical values and education.

In June 2023, Dr. LeRoy Hill, Jr. was called to be President. Holding two professional doctorates, he brings a wealth of experience in pastoral, academic, and denominational leadership. He is also the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Portsmouth. 

Providence Bible College and Theological Seminary continues to provide quality educational programs in biblical studies and theology in the Hampton Roads area. PBCTS students have graduated with ministry and Bible degrees at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels. They have gone on to serve God in capacities as pastors, Bible teachers, and missionaries.

Our degrees are offered with specializations in ministry areas, including pastoral work, missions, and biblical education. Our theological views align with the Apostle’s Creed, the Councils of Nicea and Chalecedon, and the historic Baptist, Evangelical, Presbyterian, and Reformed Confessions. 

We are an interdenominational seminary that welcomes students from all backgrounds. 

​Our Three Presidents, Left to Right: (1) Dr. Raymond  Stiles, (2) Dr. Reginald Woodhouse, (3) Dr. LeRoy Hill