Ministry Certificate Program

The 24-36 CEU hours Ministry Certificate Program is designed to provide a basic biblical education suitable for lay and ordained leaders. Skills are developed in the practice of teaching and ministry from a spiritual, intellectual, and theological perspective toward the goal of applying one's spiritual gifts. Students in the ministry certificate program will take both practical and academic subjects in order to obtain a sufficient understanding of church leadership and management practices. Furthermore, students will acquire competence in communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ by participating in approved missions, leadership, and Christian service internships.

Associates Degree in Biblical Studies (ABS)

The Associate Degree is a two-year program designed to develop the student's knowledge and understanding of God and His redemptive work. Students may focus on biblical studies or education, each of which centers on a biblical core, supported by general education and Bible--related courses, which aid the student in becoming effective in life and ministry. All credits are transferable toward more advance degrees in our college. 

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS)
The Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree focuses on academic preparation, biblical competency, and real-life application, all of which enable students to think clearly, examine their Christian heritage, write distinctively from a biblical-theological worldview, and communicate the gospel effectively. The program is also designed to provide a solid biblical and theological foundation for those students who plan to pursue seminary or graduate studies. 

Master of Biblical Studies (MBS)

The Master of Biblical Studies degree provides focused study in Bible, theology, biblical interpretation, biblical languages, church history, missions, evangelism and a generous assortment of electives. Students will be taught to utilize the tools necessary for sound biblical exegesis and interpretation, effective biblical communication, and confident leadership in the local church and other contexts. Central to the program will be a student's ability to learn to work with the original languages and engage in theological research. 

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

The MDiv program, which is the standard three-year degree for the pastorate, offers a well-rounded theological education by covering all the vital areas needed for effectiveness in pastoral ministry. Students considering the pastorate are strongly encouraged to enroll in the this program, which includes theology, biblical exegesis, church history, apologetics, preaching, counseling, and church administration, just to name a few. 

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
The Doctor of Ministry is a professional degree designed to integrate theological learning into the context of responsible ministry and service in the kingdom of God. Providing ministry leaders with further education and training is a key aspect of the program. Students focus their studies on one of these ministry areas: pastoral ministry, worship, Black church studies, church and community relations, the chaplaincy, theological education, or administration/leadership The program culminates with a project and its accompany dissertation. 


If you are an admitted, enrolled student, please review our current term class offerings before completing your registration. 
You must also consult with your academic advisor before registrationClick on this link. Below are the links to all needed forms for registration as well as for tuition and fees via our e-giving portal.

All courses are based on the quarter term three-credit hour system (10 weeks duration meeting once a week, which is equivalent to 1.98 semester hours of class time). Consequently, the amount of tuition is based on three credit hours. 

*Ministry-Certificate Program - $131 per course ($105 if auditing)
*Undergraduate level (the Associates and Bachelors degrees) - $367 per course (3 credits)
*Self-Study (all levels) - $236 per course
*Masters level - $446 per course (3 credits)
*Doctoral level - $577 per course (3 credits)
*Dual Enrollment DMin., MBS - $525 per course (3 credits)


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