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Providing a dependable and high quality online learning experience is made possible through NEO, the award winning learning management system (LMS). Employing user friendly classroom navigation provides our students and instructor led courses with satisfaction and accomplishment. To get a better feel for our online classroom experience, send us your contact information and we will provide you with an access code to enter our NEO sample classroom. ​

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Seven Tips of Successful Online Students

1) Develop a time-management strategy,

2) Make the most of online discussions,

3) Use it or lose it (apply the learning in some practical way),

4) Make questions useful to your learning,

5) Stay motivated,

6) Communicate the instruction techniques that work,

7) Make connections with fellow students

Based on a EducauseReview article: The Seven Tips of Successful Online Students written by Alan Roper.

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As per ourschool catalog, the goal of our Online classes is to provide a virtual class experience that promotes self-study, continued development of study and research skills in biblical understanding, as well as the formation of communication skills both in writing and in the ministry of God’s biblical revelation through his Word. Both the B.A. in Biblical Studies and the Master in Biblical Studies offers the option to be completed online.  APPLY TO LEARN MORE. To view the course schedule for the Fall Quarter 2023, click here.

*The credits earned in our Online degree programs retain the same value as their on-campus academic counterparts


Taking online classes can be a fun and a rewarding learning experience at the same time. According to a study conducted by MIT, “more than 7.1 million students are currently taking at least one online course…the group, comprised of researchers from MIT, Harvard and Tsinghua University, completed a before-and-after test on students taking "Mechanics ReView," an introductory mechanics course offered on massive open online learning platform edX. Researchers then conducted a similar test on students taking the class residentially, discovering: the amount learned is somewhat greater than in the traditional lecture-based course.” The entire article can be viewed at Bostinno....