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The 24 – 36 CEU hours Ministry Certificate Program is designed to provide a basic biblical education suitable for lay and ordained leaders. Skills are developed in the practice of teaching and ministries with the goal of the development and application of the spiritual gifts from an academic, intellectual and Biblical approach. Students in the ministry certificate program will cover practical and theological coursework to obtain sufficient understanding of church leadership and management practices. Further, students will acquire competence in communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all by participating in approved missions, leadership, and Christian service internships.

The Associate Degree is a two- year degree designed to develop the student’s knowledge and understanding of God and His redemptive work. Students may focus on Biblical Studies or Education, each of which centers on a Bible core, supported by general education and Bible-related courses which aid the student in becoming truly effective in life and ministry. All credits are transferable toward more advanced degrees in our College.

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree focuses on academic preparation, biblical competency, and real-life applications, which allows students to think clearly, examine their Christian heritage, write distinctively from a biblical theology and worldview, all with the purpose of communicating the gospel effectively. The program is designed to provide a solid biblical and theological foundation for those students who may plan to pursue seminary or graduate studies.

The Master of Biblical Studies degree program consists of a concentration in Biblical Studies, and an introduction to Hebrew and Greek without a heavy language requirement. The program offers a specialization in Bible, biblical interpretation and theology. There are hermeneutical and theological components, with basic church history courses, in addition to having a bevy of biblically focused electives to select from.  Central to the program will be a student's ability to learn to work with original language tools and to research theological topics.

The Master of Theology degree program offers a specialization in biblical theology, historical theology, systematic theology, or intellectual studies. The ability to work with key theological concepts and thinkers is central to the program. An emphasis is placed on the production of a scholarly theological research paper.

The Master of Divinity specializes in biblical interpretation and Christian theological heritage with a view towards building the Kingdom of God impacting culture and society. M.Div. students should be able to defend and articulate the Christian ethical and theological system, produce scholarly biblical and theological research, and integrate these principles in all aspects of ministry leadership, development, and administration and theological research. The program has four concentrations, each dealing with a particular aspect of pastoral ministry.

The Doctor of Ministry is a professional degree designed to integrate theological learning in the context of responsible ministry and service in the kingdom of God. Providing ministry and pastoral leaders with further education and training is a key aspect of the program. Doctoral students focus their studies on one of these ministries areas; pastoral ministry, worship, church and society, and black church studies. The program culminates with a project and its accompanying dissertation.


The academic objectives of PBCTS relate specifically to our purpose in training the Christian to make his or her life a unique and distinctively Christian ministry. The general objectives in meeting this goal are that the graduate will be:

  • Academically and intellectually competent in his or her chosen field of study;
  • Knowledgeable and capable of rightly dividing the Word of God in Biblical studies and exposition;
  • Scripturally sound and spiritually equipped to serve God with his or her life in America and around the world;

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On Campus and Online Classes

Providence Bible College & Theological Seminary offers on campus and online degree programs that are academically supercharged and preparatory for serving God in the work of the ministry and for bible teaching (see below to view the Fall 2020 schedule of classes for all certificate and degree programs).

Class Registration 

Registration for Fall 2020 term classes begins on August 22 (you can complete an earlier registration if the Academic Affairs office has approved it). Tuition payments are processed at pbcts.org. Click here to complete the registration form for your selected classes. You can also view our school catalog  and  school calendar. 

For students who are on the go and desire to work at their own pace, we offer both undergraduate and master degree programs in a user-friendly online class environment.  Our 2020 Fall Term launches on September 7.