On Campus and Online Classes

Providence Bible College & Theological Seminary offers on campus and online degree programs that are academically supercharged and preparatory for serving God in the work of the ministry and for bible teaching (see below to view the Winter 2020-21 schedule of classes for all certificate and degree programs). 

To cover the one time admissions fee, or to process any school tuition and fees, please click here.

Class Registration & Tuition Payments

Registration for Winter 2020-21 term classes begins on November 23 (you can complete an earlier registration if you were approved by Academic Affairs). First, click here to complete the registration for your selected classes. All tuition and fee payments are processed at our eGiving portal website. 

For students who are on the go and desire to work at their own pace, we offer both undergraduate and master degree programs in a user-friendly online class environment.  Our 2020 Winter Term launches on December 7. 

To contact our Alumni office, write or call us at:

The Office of Alumni Relations
Providence Bible College & Theological Seminary
301 Goode Way, Suite 205
Portsmouth, VA 23707

Send your contact information to us at: alumni@pbcts.edu

Winter Quarter Course Offerings 2020-21 

Resident/Online Classes

Classes Start Date:  December 7th



Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs


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